Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy

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An Additional Layer of Protection

Coverage for Claims That Exceed Your Primary Insurance

From brick-and-mortar shops to contractors on the go, we can provide an umbrella insurance policy that supplements most types of other insurance policies such as:

General Liability

Protection from legal suits and other financial responsibilities resulting from hazardous occurrences.

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Workers Compensation (WC)

Covers partial or complete medical expenses resulting from a work place injury

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Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A combination of policies that simplifies the insurance process.

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Employers Liability

Protection for the employer in cases where an employee or ex-employee sues due to employer negligence

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Transportation Insurance

A policy that covers property while it’s in transit.

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Travelers Insurance

Travel coverage in cases of illness, canceled trips or lost luggage.

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Homeowners Insurance

Coverage for your home in cases of damage caused by fires, lightning strikes, windstorms, hail, tornados, falling trees, and more.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

Provides you protection from financial expenses as the result of an auto accidents

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Business Auto Policy (BAP)

A commercial auto policy that includes auto liability and auto physical damage coverages.

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Motor Truck Cargo

Keeps your clients’ goods protected while you deliver them.

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Watercraft & Aircraft Liability

Protection for watercraft, aircraft, and other vehicle types that are typically excluded in a general liability policy.

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And Many More

Commercial & Business Umbrella Policies

Regardless the magnitude of your business or how efficiently it is operated, your company could be confronted with a potentially devastating claim from an unexpected event. Whether it’s a slip in fall by a customer in your business or rental property, or a delivery man tripping in your office, such events can leave your company liable for medical expenses and other damages.

Personal Umbrella Policy

As a homeowner, you may entertain guests of all relationship levels from coworkers & clients to friends and family. Nothing will strain those relationships more than an accident or injury on your property. A personal umbrella policy will provide coverage for injuries, damage to property, certain lawsuits, and personal liability situations (eg. dog bites & auto accidents).

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We represent dozens of insurance companies with trustworthy brands you know. Our Licensed and accredited agents will guide you to a Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy that fits your needs. We will show you your local tailored options without bias. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the savings.

How Do We Provide the Best Commercial Umbrella Insurance Prices?

It’s actually quite simple. Our agents are “Non-Captive” which means that, unlike other agents who can only offer policies form one company, we can get you quotes and policies from multiple carriers and multiple insurance companies. That is how we can vow to keep your best interest in mind!

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