Liquor Liability Insurance and Alcohol Bonds

Liquor Insurance, Host Liquor Liability, General  Liability &  Bonds for Businesses that serve and deal with alcohol

Who Needs Liquor Liability Insurance?

If you’re a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, liquor, cocktails, and other beverages such as mineral water and soft drinks mixed with alcohol for consumption on the premises, you should hold liquor liability insurance and you may need an alcohol tax bond.

Occupations We Insure

Many Bars and food-related businesses should have some type of liquor liability or bar insurance to stay protected. Examples of the different types of insurance we offer to liquor serving include

✔ Bar Insurance

✔ Café Insurance

✔ Club Insurance 

✔ Saloon Insurance

✔ Diner Insurance

✔ Fast Food Insurance

✔ Host Liquor Liability

✔ Pub Insurance

✔ Liquor Store Insurance

✔ Cafeteria Insurance

✔ Deli Insurance

✔ Pizza Liquor Liability Insurance

✔ Event Insurance

✔ Wedding Liquore Insurance

✔ Winery Insurance

✔ Catering Insurance

✔ Food Delivery Insurance

✔ Lounge Insurance

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance, or GL, is a fundamental part of Liquor Liability insurance. It could provide protection against lawsuits and other financial liabilities that result from things like accidents or other mishaps.

Liquor & Alcohol Bonds 

Liquor & Alcohol Tax bonds are for payment of fees or taxes charged by the state, county or local legislation for the warehousing manufacturing or sale of liquor and/or other alcoholic beverages. A surety bond is a financial agreement that protects the obligee, which would be the government entity that is requesting the bond.

They are also known as Alcohol Ordinance Tax Bonds, Beverage Tax Bond, Brewer’s Bond, Distilled Spirits License, Liquor License Bond, Malt Beverage License Bond, and Wine Bond.

Host Liquor Liability

Liability for physical injury damage to property as a result of the serving or distribution of alcoholic beverages by a group not as a source of direct profit through sales. Typical General Liability Policies can have host liquor liability exposures insured under them. This is perfect for people or companies that work or manage parties weddings and events.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance could help cover the medical costs and a portion of lost wages for an employee who becomes ill or injured during work.


Business Owners Insurance

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) could provide various protections for Liquor & Bars including general liability insurance, property insurance, loss of income coverage and more.

States We Insure

✔ Alabama  ✔ Arizona  ✔ California  ✔ Colorado  ✔ Florida  ✔ Georgia  ✔ Illinois  ✔ Indiana 

 ✔ Kentucky  ✔ Louisiana  ✔ Mississippi  ✔ Nevada  ✔ New Jersey  ✔ New York  ✔ North Carolina  

✔ Pennsylvania  ✔ Tennessee  ✔ Texas  ✔ Utah  ✔ Virginia  ✔ West Virginia

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