Welders and Metal Workers Insurance

Welding & Machining/Millin Insurance including General Liability, Workers Compensation, Commercial Auto insurance and Much more!

Who Needs Welding Insurance?

A company, operation or business that works in a Welding field, home improvement, remodeling, new construction. should stay insured to protect themselves from risks. We provide Welders Insurance for nearly every trade including

✔ Steel Erectors Insurance 

✔ Boilermakers Insurance 

✔ Pipefitters Insurance

✔ Iron Worker Insurance

✔ Blacksmith Insurance

✔ Gunsmith Insurance 

✔ Machining Insurance 

✔ Marquetarian Insurance

✔ Furniture Maker Insurance

    And Many More!

General liability insurance (GL)

General liability insurance, or GL, is an important component of welding insurance. It can give you protection from legal suites and other financial responsibilities result from things like work-related accidents or other hazardous occurrences.

Workers Compensation

Workers’ comp ( Workmans’ Comp) is important to cover the hospital care and other medical expenses. Workers comp can also cover part wages for employees that get hurt or become ill during work-related activities.

Course of Construction/ Builder’s Risk

A Course of Construction Insurance policy, or “Builder’s Risk” policy, is designed to provide coverage for buildings while under construction. It covers the value of the property being constructed until it’s either moved into or ready for occupancy, the contractor’s value in materials at the job site before being installed and materials in transit intended for the job.

Business Owners Insurance 

Business Owners Insurance (BOP) can Give multiple coverages for construction companies encompassing general liability, and loss of income coverage. Construction businesses have unique needs and getting individual coverages from various carriers can be a hassle. A BOP can help simplify reduce the frustration.

Tools/Inland Marine

Losing Equipment can cause your construction job to fall flat. Unique risks can compromise a contractors’ equipment. Weather, theft inexperienced machine operators can be a cause of lost or broken equipment and tools. Construction Businesses lose more than a billion dollars every year from vandalism and theft. If your equipment is used on live construction grounds, Being held in the garage, or in transit between use on location you can rest easy with tools inland marine coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

In the construction business its common for workers to drive to, from and between sites. Commercial Auto Insurance is an important piece of a companies protection needs. Commercial Auto Insurance gives the coverage you require to evade the likely high expenses of auto repair, medical costs, or possible lawsuits as a result of unexpected accidents on the road.

We Work With More Than 60 Insurance Carriers Including:
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The Key to Affordable Commercial Welding Insurance

We represent dozens of insurance companies with trustworthy brands you know. Our Licensed and accredited agents will guide you to a Commercial Welding Insurance Policy that fits your needs. We will show you your local tailored options without bias. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the savings.

How Do We Provide the Best Commercial Welders Insurance Prices?

It’s actually quite simple. Our agents are “Non-Captive” which means that, unlike other agents who can only offer policies form one company, we can get you quotes and policies from multiple carriers and multiple insurance companies. That is how we can vow to keep your best interest in mind!

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