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Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance provides your business protection from financial expenses as the result of auto accidents. If you or one of your employees is found to be at fault, commercial vehicle insurance can help cover the costs of medical expenses and damage to property.

Why is Commercial Vehicle Insurance Important?

Personal auto insurance does not cover vehicles used for business purposes. If you or any of your employees use any vehicle, including their own, for business purposes, you need a commercial vehicle insurance policy.

Who and What Do We Cover? Here is a Sample List:

✔ Vehicle Lease or Rental
✔ Delivery Services
✔ Food Trucks
✔ Airport Shuttles
✔ Charter & Church Buses
✔ Day Care Transport
✔ Limos
✔ Non-Emergency Medical Transport
✔ School Buses
✔ Social Service Agencies

✔ Pilot Cars
✔ Security Patrol
✔ Rescue Squads
✔ Funeral Vehicles
✔ Emergency Ambulances
✔ Courtsey Transport
✔ Shuttles
✔ Tour Buses
✔ Party Buses
✔ Senior Center Transport
✔ More…

We Work With More Than 60 Insurance Carriers Including:
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