Best Insurance Companies for Claim Payouts

The entire idea behind insurance is that if you pay your share consistently, the company will provide support when you need it. In practice, however, many insurance providers resist paying out claims in an attempt to protect their bottom lines. While this may be good for shareholders’ pockets, it does a serious disservice to all the loyal customers who trusted these businesses to come through when they needed it most. Here we take a look at why quick claim payments are essential to good customer service and which companies stand out for their fast funds distribution.

Paying Out Claims and Customer Service

Customer service is often phrased in terms of convenience: Long hold times, multiple call-ins and difficult-to-navigate websites are all examples of annoyingly poor service. Insurance matters, though, can be life-changing. Most individuals making a claim have experienced a drastic change in circumstance:

  • Having to leave their homes
  • Losing their transportation to work
  • Saying a final goodbye to a loved one

Delaying payments that can somewhat ease these burdens is the worst kind of customer service. When a company balks at covering claims, it signals that it cares more about profits than keeping its promises to vulnerable paying customers.

Life Insurance: Lincoln National

Life insurance is something no one wants to think about, but Lincoln National proves that the best coverage companies put a lot of care into delivering on a policy. In the midst of grieving, families don’t have the energy to expend on long phone calls and bureaucratic tape. Customers of Lincoln National agree that this enterprise put their needs first and conducted business with the utmost compassion.

Homeowner’s Insurance: USAA


USAA is a little different from other companies in this article, as individuals must have a military affiliation in order to become customers. However, this business serves our men and women in uniform, as well as their families, with the utmost respect. Customer satisfaction is sky-high and their claims processed rate is nearly 95%.

Health Insurance: EmblemHealth


Medical costs are a major stressor for many Americans; getting an unexpected bill while you’re out of work due to injury can be a nightmare. EmblemHealth has earned customer confidence by delivering funds in a timely manner and being easily reached by customers with concerns.

Car Insurance: Amica

Amica has been consistently praised by its customers for excellent service. This should come as no surprise, as this insurance company is mutually held, meaning you become a part owner from the moment you subscribe. The result is a business that wholly serves its customers rather than a board.

Business Insurance: The Hartford

When you operate a company, you have to minimize risk as much as possible, which is where insurance plays a role. Businesses have a range of insurance needs:

The Hartford covers all of these while offering superior customer service. In fact, responsiveness was one of the major reasons customers were so satisfied with this company. can help you find a company that’s dependable and offers the options you need. To learn what we can do for you, call 800-347-5373 or contact us online.