Tattooing has come into its own as both legitimate business and viable art form in the last few decades. Customers have certain expectations when they walk into your establishment seeking to get inked. Follow these commandments, and thou shalt likely receive repeat business.

Thou shalt:

  1. Keep It Clean
    You use needles that pierce the skin and expose people’s blood to the air. When providing exceptional tattoo parlor customer service, “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

  1. Employ Only Trained and Knowledgeable Artists
    Do not hire untrained or inexperienced artists and turn them loose on your customers. Be prepared to help entry-level employees through years of apprenticeship before they are truly ready to fly solo.

  1. Communicate Clearly With Customers
    Tattoos are for life. As the tattoo shop owner, make sure that you and all of your artists are experts at explaining the process, the beauty and the ramifications of the art of tattooing.

  1. Carry Appropriate Insurance
    Even in the most sanitary of conditions, blood-borne pathogens can get transmitted. Accidents, misunderstandings and other events beyond your control make tattoo shop coverage an absolute essential.

  1. Uphold High Ethical Standards
    Helping customers make the right decisions is a significant part of tattoo parlor customer service. If they are intoxicated or extremely emotional, consider advising them to wait until they are thinking more clearly before making a permanent life-altering decision like getting tattooed.

  1. Support the Tattoo Community
    Be an advocate of the tattoo community as a whole. The reputation of both those giving and receiving tattoos will continue to improve if everyone involved demonstrates that tattooing is a respectable art form.
  2. Not Hesitate To Refer
    If customers ask you to perform work that is well outside of your skill range, consider referring them to another artist who specializes in this type of work. You may lose a sale, but the goodwill and positive vibes you create will likely make up for the temporary loss of cash.

  1. Be Proud of Your Work
    Tattooing is a developing and valued art form. Show off your drawings and photographs of customers’ work that you have done. Display your work proudly in your place of business so that potential customers can see firsthand what you are capable of doing for them.

  1. Use Only the Best Equipment
    Shoddy tools lead to substandard work. Equip your shop and all of your artists with the finest riggings you can possibly afford. Skimping on quality in equipment may save you a little money upfront, but low-quality work in the tattoo world literally lasts a lifetime.

  1. Continually Improve Your Abilities and Expand Your Knowledge
    No one person knows everything about tattoos and body art. New techniques and styles are regularly hitting the scene and changing opinions rule the market. Practice your skills until you are the best at the form you specialize in, and study every day to learn the different inks and tools that are being used by other artists in your industry.

Tattoo parlor customer service is not that different from all customer service. Treat your patrons as worthy human beings who are deserving of your respect. If you follow these commandments diligently, they will reward you with repeat business and more referrals to keep the appointments coming.