When you’re on the road, your smartphone is often your only companion. Fortunately, there is no shortage of useful tasks your phone can handle. These apps make every drive easier and more efficient to help you get the best results from every load you haul.

1. Co-Pilot Live Truck

The right wingman on the road can make a world of difference, but when you need to hit the road alone, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a helper. Co-Pilot Live, Truck keeps you safe on the road by allowing for voice-activated functions, and it also helps you to avoid areas you can’t pass, such as low-clearance or weight-restricted roads.

2. FatSecret Calorie Counter

While it’s easy to keep an eye on the health of your truck on the road, too many drivers don’t put the same care and concern into their personal well-being. With fast food in your cab being the easiest way to get food and get back on the road, you need to put in more effort than the average person when it comes to keeping a healthy diet. FatSecret Calorie Counter helps you find nutritional information about your meals to keep your diet as healthy as can be.

3. Gas Buddy

Every cent you spend on gas counts when you’re spending all day on the road. With Gas Buddy, you get updated, crowdsourced rates at stations along your route so you’re always getting the best deal possible to keep your dollars in your pocket where they belong.

4. Insurance Apps

When you’re behind the wheel of your truck, you are responsible for many different valuable items. In addition to your costly cab and trailer, you’re likely hauling a small fortune of merchandise in your trailer. Throw in the damage a semi can cause in an accident due to its size and it’s no surprise there are a lot of different insurance coverages you need.

  • Physical Damage Coverage: Helps with damages to your truck and trailer to cover the costs of repairing or replacing your property in the event of an accident.
  • Primary and General Liability: Coverage for damage to others where you are found responsible. Primary covers incidents involving your truck, while general covers other work-related issues not directly related to your rig.
  • Non-Owned Damage and Liability Coverage: If you’re pulling a trailer that does not belong to you, this insurance helps you to cover any costs of damage to the trailer, as well as liability coverage for accidents involving the trailer.
  • Additional Insurance Coverage: Protection for your cargo when it is not on the road is also important. Policies that include protections such as cargo insurance, terminal coverage and warehouse legal coverage offer payments in the event of damage to your cargo when it is not on the road.

With so many different protections, it can get confusing quickly. Using an insurance app, either third party or from your provider, makes it easier to track and stay on top of your protection.

5. KeepTruckin

Following government regulations is one of your most important responsibilities, but it’s not always easy. KeepTruckin makes it easier to monitor your driving and stay within your requirements so you can focus on your driving. It’s Department of Transportation approved, so you know it works.

6. NOAA Radar

It’s important to know weather conditions along your route so that you can plan accordingly, and your phone’s default weather app just doesn’t get the job done well enough. NOAA is an elite app in the weather sphere and gives you the best and most accurate readings of the current weather and future patterns.

7. Trucker Path Pro

When you’re behind the wheel of your truck, you have more to consider on the road than the average driver, so you can’t rely on basic map programs for your navigation. With Trucker Path Pro, you get easy access to information on important places to you, such as weigh stations, truck stops, rest areas and more.

8. uShip

More loads to haul mean more money for your business, and uShip helps you to keep yourself and any drivers working for you busy. When companies need a load shipped, they put it up for bidding, allowing you to fill an empty space on the schedule.

9. Waze

For a responsive navigation app that uses real-time data to help you avoid snags and get to your destination on time, you can count on Waze. It helps you pick the best route when you set out and adjusts to new information if needed so you spend more time driving and less time sitting in traffic.